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Learn What Makes A Fragrance

Recently I attended an event here in New York City called ‘Learn What Makes A Fragrance’ presented by CEW (cosmetic executive women) and hosted at the very classy, Harmonie Club.   I’d never been surrounded by so many women in suits regarding fragrance, there were approximately 300 women in attendance.  And it made me realize these women are being paid handsomely for their love of perfumery.  These very smart and talented ladies are at the top of their game.  I was happy to see them as I’ve always heard that the perfume industry is highly male dominated.

The event consisted of a cocktail hour of light fare with an open bar, followed by a discussion with top perfume designers Calice Becker and Trudi Loren.  The discussion was moderated by Jenny B. Fine, Editor of WWD Beauty Biz.  The discussion was light and lovely and lasted about a hour including the Q&A portion.   During that time Becker and Loren discussed how they came to be in the perfume industry, how they came to work together on a number of perfumes over the years and their love of the industry.  Not for nothing, but I felt it was a costly discussion at $110.00 for  twenty minutes or so of light and lovely banter.

But truth be told, I did learn something.  They both shared the news that the perfume industry, whose foundation is based on synthetics, chemical renditions of naturals (as well as laboratory designed scents) have had an awakening.  They are seeing that the consumer is now interested in getting more for their money and that translates into looking for and buying items that are authentic, products made with ingredients from natural sources.  With that in mind, the perfume industry has decided to embark on a path to include natural essences  in their upcoming perfumes.  They’ve taken it a step further and have decided that in order to get the best quality at the best price, they’ve included into their business model the process of  working with farmers to help them with efforts towards sustainability and quality harvests.

This is great news because many in the perfume industry claims to use naturals, when in actuality they do not.  Many of the ingredients used, besides creating synthetic aromas, also help your perfume to last all day and night and has been linked with many allergies and even carcinogens.  Their decision to move towards naturals means less pollution for the planet and better quality of fragrances for all.  The new catch word  Artisanal, was mentioned, that refers to someone like myself who is an artist/ crafts-person working on the art of natural perfumery.  This is where they say the perfume industry is headed, towards the artisanal,  as opposed to the big, industrial complex, that the multi-billion dollar, perfume industry  currently finds itself in.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how all this unfolds.  The perfume industry continues to be one of thee most secretive industries ever and they are not known at all for transparency.  On the contrary, secrets and lies regarding ingredients abound.  But at least they are finally seeing the light.  Hopefully all of us will benefit as the big boys and girls move towards what’s natural.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | November 4, 2010

Mandy Aftel, My Inspiration

When I first read Mandy Aftel’s Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume I dreamed of one day going to study with this incredible perfumer.  But I imagined studying with Mandy to be some far off fantasy that was not possible.   I assumed that she was unreachable, other worldly.  She became my fragrance s-hero.  Mandy Aftel is owner and natural perfumer of Aftelier Perfume, located in Berkeley, California and is known world-wide for her beautiful, natural fragrance creations and as the premier authority on natural perfumery.

Mandy Aftel

I first met Mandy last winter when I attended the Perfume Tasting that Mandy conducted for the Museum of Natural History’s Aromatics Along The Silk Road Exhibit.  It was remarkable!  The drinks were divine, created by the exotic Club Pegu.  The food was delicately delicious and the desserts were delectable.  That night I found that Mandy was indeed a real person with a warm and generous heart.  And she always has intriguing and educational stories to share about natural botanicals.  That night was about how these botanicals /essences can transform both food and cocktail drinks.

Mandy at work

A few months later I received Mandy’s workbook as an early birthday gift from my Sweetheart and I began Mandy’s at home study course in her Level 1 Workbook, The Natural Perfumer.  Completing that first workbook qualified me to attend the first level, hands-on workshop with Mandy.  It was a dream come true.  Something that I didn’t believe possible.  And as with my first encounter with Mandy, she is  not only a bespoke perfumer and writer, she is a humble, giving, and loving soul who loves sharing her knowledge and art.

Mandy’s Perfume Organ

Arriving at Mandy’s workshop and standing in front of her perfume organ was a enchanting experience.  To be standing in front of such treasures and to be able to look at them, smell them, handle and work with all these top quality natural essences made me feel, perhaps I had really died and gone to heaven.  Some of the substances in Mandy’s collection are considered antique, meaning they were harvested over fifty years ago.  The antique essences, understandably, were off limits, but we were encouraged to try all the rest.  I was again reminded of how entranced I was by reading Essence and Alchemy.  It was the first time I remember learning about base notes and I chuckled to think about how they seduced me.  I actually broke the first rule of perfumery and made a couple of ‘one note’ perfumes.  Well, two notes, middle and bottom.  A true perfume has to have three notes – top, middle and bottom notes.  The ones I made were pretty deep, too deep for most, but I enjoy making my mistakes… The greatest lesson of them all was learning the significance and influence that one drop of essence can make in a formulation.  How one drop can  enhance, destroy or neutralize a formulation, the lesson of how each drop counts.

Anu at work

After returning home, I felt more determined to get it together, to organize and consolidate my oils I’ve been collecting for about ten years now; create my own version of an organ and move forward on fulfilling a perfume order that I’ve been commissioned to do.

Starting my Perfume Organ

The journey begins in earnest.  And Mandy has been my inspiration throughout.  Thank you Mandy!  And Thank you to all my friends and relatives who have encouraged me on this path from the beginning.  Each word of encouragement has been like a jewel to me.  Stay tune for the launch of my first perfume.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | August 30, 2010

Some Like It Green!

It seems when I was in High School I discovered the color green.  It became my favorite color and my wardrobe was filled with shades of green.  As time went on, I realized that I really appreciated other things green, including green scents.

This summer I delighted in acquiring and wearing Mandy Aftel’s Trevert.  Trevert is a beautiful, green scent with the mysterious oils of tuberose and amber at the heart of the scent holding all those green notes together.  With Mandy’s scents you can always expect the best as she globe-trots the planet in search of the highest quality botanicals to create her scents.  Trevert  has an undertone of mystery, like walking into an forest, not certain of what will unfold, but knowing in your heart something enchanting will be revealed.

During my high school days I knew very little about scents.  Everyone my age was wearing Charlie,  I wanted to have a unique scent, not what everyone else was wearing.  It was years later that I came across a  green scent that I had to have, which was Prescriptives Calyx. It was a citrus scent with a vibrant grapefruit note that had me feeling separate from the crowd.  But it was being sold right at Macy’s, how different could that be???  I haven’t smelled it in years, as I moved towards more natural scents, I knew Calyx would no longer work for me.

A green scent that made me stop in my tracks this past spring was the very different I Am A Dandelion by Christopher Brosius of the ‘I Hate Perfume’ company.  What a scent!  It actually smells like dandelion, country dirt in the morning dew and then a it drys down to a light floral scent, with that green wafting through.  Divine!

While picking up the Trevert, I was enchanted by the Energizer a scent created by Michael Boadi Boadicea The Victorious.  The packaging alone looked so commanding.  But one bottle at a time, I  couldn’t get that and the Trevert…  A few weeks later when  I decided I had to have this green treasure, it was out of stock.  It was unavailable for weeks after being featured in Vogue as the hottest scent of Summer 2010.  Had I  known that when I first saw it… Lucky for me, my effervescent pal at Henri Bendel’s call me the moment Energizer arrived back in the store.  Snagged!

Energizer is a bold, green scent and some would say a bit masculine.  But that is a part of today’s trend, dual gender scents.  So I’m enjoying it.

Last but certainly not least, is my own green offering, the light and lovey Fresh Soap which is a perfect compliment to our Fresh Body Butter and Herbal Hair Oil.  All of which are lavender oil based.

After over-doing it with my workout, I needed to soak the body to relieve my poor, aching muscles.  I stepped into a steaming, hot tub of water, doused with Epsom salt, and a dash of lavender oil to relieve my pain. I also had a bar of Anu Essentials Fresh Soap with me.  What a delight!  It is just what the naturopathic doctor would have ordered, as lavender is excellent for relieving aches and pains.  Our Fresh soap is infused with French lavender oil,  Cedarwood, Lemon, and Fir Needles, and Benzoin and is  so refreshing.

I then buttered down with my Fresh Body Butter. All I could say was Ahhhhh…  I slept like a baby, a Fresh smelling baby.

Love Green, Green Power, Go Green!

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | June 25, 2010

Chandler Burr Does It Again!

Last year I received a gift of Chandler Burr’s book ‘The Perfect Scent‘- A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York.  Though it had not a word in it about natural perfumery, I was intrigued about the fanatical goings-on, inside the multi billion dollar, chemical perfume industry.  And I will admit, I went out and bought two perfumes after reading The Perfect Scent.  I purchased the Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company and Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Jean Claude Ellena.

Fast forward and this year I have downloaded to my Kindle The Emperor of Scent: A True Story of Perfume and Obsession, Chandler Burr’s latest offering; and I’m here to tell you it is quite a read.  I have put this book down and read other books, only to find myself going right back to it.  This is because at times it can be a tedious read for those of us who have no science back ground.  But I’ve just decided to roll with it because it delights me in so many other ways.  It’s a mystery about the unrelenting obsession of a seemingly mad scientist, Luca Turin, with a penchant for perfumery and his quest to define the true science of scent.  If you’re a foodie, a wine connoisseur or perfume fanatic who can withstand a little biology, chemistry and physics then this book will keep you captivated.  I highly recommend it for those who love appreciate art, mastery and mystery.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | June 8, 2010

Honeysuckle is in Bloom

Today as a gentle wind blew, I was pleasantly visited by the seductive scent of the honeysuckle vine blooming in my garden.  What a treat!  I stopped dead in my tracks to truly experience the moment.  I took in a few long, deep breaths of this lovely scent.  The gifts from nature never cease to amaze me in their beauty and their giving…

So it’s honeysuckle season and while the actual honeysuckle flower’s essence cannot be harvested, the Anu Essentials Honey Suckle Hair Oil is very reminiscent of this soothing scent.  Using botanicals (roots, leaves, barks, berries, flowers)  such as Peru Balsam and Ylang Ylang I make my attempt to emulate one of nature’s delights for your enjoyment.  So this is a perfect time to moisturize your hair with Anu Essentials Honey Suckle Hair Oil, keeping you in tune and in step with nature’s blooms.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | May 2, 2010

Mom, It’s Your Bath Time

Taking good care of yourself is one good thing that many Moms can’t seem to find the time to do.  And one really easy and accessible fix for a tired mine, body and spirit, is bathing. As far as I’m concerned bathing is paramount to a spiritual experience.  To be able to cleanse the body daily, is a true blessing often taken for granted in our culture.  The ritual of bathing is renewing, refreshing and soothes the spirit.  And a shower is no comparison to soaking in a tub of warm water.  What makes this experience all the more special for me, is knowing that I am cleansing and moisturizing with products that are healthy for my body and that uplift my mind and spirits!  This is what Anu Essentials offers for your morning and/or evening bathing ritual.  Natural handmade soaps and Body Butters scented with botanicals.

When you bathe, it’s a time to slow down, to make every movement deliberate and to be very present to where you are and what you’re doing.  Let the rest of the world melt away, you’re taking care of you.  Take this time to really inhale the scent of the soaps, to slowly massage in your Body Butter.  And since your scalp is damp from the hot bath, this would be a great time to gently and lovingly massage your scalp using Anu Essentials Hair Oils.

When I’m stressed and frazzled and need to recalibrate myself, I will often take a bath, bathing with the Anu Essentials Balmy soap and Body Butter my body down with the Balmy Body Butter.   Ahhh… so delicious and relaxing!

When I’m tired and need a lift-me-up, I opt for the zesty scents of the Juicy Soap and Body Butter or the refreshing Fresh Soap and Body Butter.

Sometimes you just need some loving, and who better to love you than you!  With that in mind, I bathe and butter down with the sexy Sultry.

Other all-time favorites scented with fragrance materials are: Heavenly, Pink Petals, Green Tea and Big Papa.

This Mother’s Day, remember that Anu Essentials make perfect, affordable gift items.  They smell good, which leaves you feeling good and when you feel good, you look good.

Anu Essentials

Smell Good, Feel Good, Look Good.

For more on my bathing journeys, check out my earlier post called Bath Time.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | April 12, 2010

Our Sniffapalooza Experience – Spring 2010

This year I attended along with fellow perfumer, Rodney Hughes of Therapeutate Bkny, the 2010 “New York Smells” Sniffapalooza, walking tour.   There were two days to the tour, but we attended the second day, which took place in lower Manhattan, covering boutique fragrance houses in SoHo, NoHo and Greenwich Village.  Rodney and I weigh in on our impressions.

Here are some of the highlights:

First Stop: Bond No. 9

Anu: This was definitely a heady experience.  The store is gorgeous, the staff is well trained and courteous and Bond no. 9 has dozens of perfumes named after neighborhoods in New York.  My two favs were Brooklyn and Success.   When I mentioned that the bottles reminded me of the Creed line, I was told the founder of of Bond no. 9 worked many years with Creed.  This  influence can be definitely seen and sensed.   The Bond bottle designs go from whimsical to high brow.

Rodney: This being the first stop of what would turn out to be a day of living in the smoke; Bond on Bond did not fall short on the glitz and glamour of the NYC fragrance scene. The store is beautifully well lit and spacious. It was the perfect first stop that allowed us perfume lovers to really mingle and enjoy all that Bond had to offer. I just adore all the whimsical bling that put into the packaging it really makes the Bond experience a delightful one.  Bleeker Street is one of my favorite scents by this house, Wall Street being the other.

Next stop Le Labo

Anu: I love the clean, clinical look and feel of the Le Labo store and line.  Their type face looks as if it were typed on an old typewritten whose ribbon is worn.The Le Labo  line has a high content of botanic essences which resonate well with my sensibilities.   I am intrigued by most of their  line, but  my favs are Jasmine 31 and Oud 27.  I did find it unfortunate that Le Labo decided to only give samples to those who made purchases.

Rodney: I absolutely love this fragrance house, its most of what I think a house should be; simple clean lines and absolutely alluring scents. I would have to say,  Bergamote 22 and Jasmin 17 are two of my favs. I would have to agree with Anu, it was disappointing they were not giving out samples at this stop of the Sniff. I think it would have introduced so many more noses to the special brand of magic generated by Le Labo.

Next stop Lafco NY

Anu: Lafco NY is one of those places in NY covered by scaffolding, so you could end up walking right by it, except that it’s gorgeous old world European style inside and out, draws you in.  Lafco carries an exquisite collection of home fragrances and body products.  The line that snagged my nose is by the Italian designer, Lorenzo Villoresi.  My favs by him were the Teubt de Neige and Yerba Mate.

Rodney: I have visited this amazing Apothecary many times since finding it on one of my city strolls a few years ago; each time I return it’s a pleasure. Lorenzo Villoresi is one of the brands available at LAFCO NY and the Yerba Mate is to die for, it is a very sexy, masculine fragrance the calls out to everyday hero.

“Overall the nicest thing about the Sniff is that I meet so many wonderful people who share the love perfumery.”

Next stop, hip joint MiN

Anu: MiN is a hip joint on Crosby Street.    I have to admit that by this time my nose was a bit tired.

Though MiN carries a number of wonderful lines, I was drawn to the tall, slim, cylindrical bottles of “CB I Hate Perfume” line.  My fav of this line is “I am a Dandelion”.  It smells like dirt, like earth, like herb and then it blossoms into this beautiful floral bouquet; absolutely lovely botanical blend.  This was one of those scents that was so different, visceral, and drawing that I was ready to put my money down for, but alas, it was not available that day.  Designer Christopher Brosius was a gracious and engaging.  Love him!

Rodney: MiN was a great experience because I had the opportunity to meet to very amazing perfumers. Dawn Spencer Hurwitz ( and Christopher Brosius (CB I Hate Perfume) they were both every warm and engaging.

I had received samples of Dawn’s work for a piece that I am working on for Ca Fleure Bon, so it was really a pleasure to talk more in depth with her. I found out we both are painters and lovers of literature and I must say this depth of field is certainly found in the “historical” perfumes created by her house (Parfums des Beaux Arts).

Christopher’s fragrances are so much like his personality warm, engaging and with lots of humor! I really enjoyed experiencing his line and fell in love with many of his works. I particularly love “I am a Dandelion” is reminds me of “Dirt” by Demeter which I also fell in love with last summer while out on Salt Aire.

Finally Lunch.    We ate at the spacious and ever popular Barolo Restaurant.

Anu: During lunch we were introduced to different perfume designers who made presentations about their fragrance design.  They were all wonderful but it was difficult to hear them over the chatter in the restaurant, but the three that stood our for me were Libby Patterson Organics and 1000 Flowers and Lord’s Jester, Inc.  Libby’s fragrances offer a spiritual experience.  They seems to be made to resonate with your chakras in mind.  1000 Flowers by Jessica September Buchanan is definitely a well constructed perfume with has a story that is a fascination of  layers.  Lord’s Jester is an organic line that is sensual and organic.

Rodney: Lunch at Barolo on W. Broadway was some much needed down time before the introduction of many new niche lines. What I loved most about this presentation besides resting my feet was the tone set by Raphaella Brescia-Barkley, Editor-in-Chief of Sniffapalooza Magazine.

“Lets maintain a positive note, it so easy to be negative……………..but positivity makes the experience so much more enjoyable.”
I will agree whole heartily with Anu on the lines that really stood out for me: Libby Patterson Organics highly spiritual, 1000 Flowers masterful and Lord’s Jester I really fell in love with the fragrances were very gourmand and a pretty accompaniment to lunch. I would add Duchess Marden for the aromatic body oil soon to be release. It is a highly beautiful rendition botanical spirit.

Meet some great fellow perfumers:

Anu: Let me stop here to say we meet some wonderful people on this jaunt, like Terees from Detroit, Yvonne from Chicago, Lloyd – resident photographer and many more.  Here a pic of some of us.  It was so great to be able to be in the company of others who love the world of scents, to discuss, debate, explore and learn from.

Rodney: “I had a Blast with this group of people and look forward to our Andalusia/ Morocco olfactory travels.”

Last stop Aedes De Venustas, Inc.

Anu: When they talk about saving the best for last, this was it.  Aedes De Venustas, located in the heart of Greenwich Village on Christopher Street is a simply a treasure chest of luxurious fragrances.  They carry the hot and exclusive lines of so many great perfumers such as Serge Lutens, Hors La Monde, The Different Company, Del Rae and the list goes on and on.  It is a gorgeous store, with crystal chandeliers, fresh flowers, antique showcases – a romantic setting that you can just get lost in.  The staff is supreme and they also offer deluxe gift wrapping services.

Rodney: Our next to final stop on the sniff, well what can be said about this little NYC darling; it’s simply a treasure and delight for both our eyes and nose. I often just stop in to get away from it all and just get lost in this rarify dream. It’s always a pleasure to visit this West Village homage to fragrance. This staff is very knowledgeable and very generous.

Pure Dark

Anu: The real last stop was the delicious Pure Dark.  And who doesn’t want a sweet treat at the end of a long day.  But we were late in getting there and they were closed.  But one of their gracious staff did allow a couple of us in.  And they gave us over a dozen gift bags of chocolates to give out to other stragglers.  This house of chocolate caught the attention of every passer by and they all wanted to go in and experience their offerings, but alas, they were closed.

Rodney: PURE DARK was closed by the time the Sniff party made it to its doors, but the staff was very helpful and made sure there were dark treats and literature for everyone. We really should thank them, they prepared all day for us, expecting us to be their by 2pm. Our schedules had them down for 4:45-6:30pm and the first of us didn’t get there until 6pm.


Anu: All in all Sniffapalooza was a wonderful experience.  I had my fill of beautiful scents, more than I could process in one day.  Not to mention, I have enough samples to take me through a year of sniffing.   I would definitely do the Sniffapalooza tour again and recommend other perfume heads.  I enjoyed it immensely and I met some fantastic people that I’m sure I’ll get to know better.  Attending this tour with Rodney was the best.  He was paramount to a celebrity, as all those in the know, either knew him or had heard of him.  Thank you Rodney for the camaraderie and willingness to share your knowledge.

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Cleansing The Temple

Whether we realize it or not, the seasons have a significant bearing on us and on our spirits.  Each change of seasons brings its own influence upon us.  And just as they have an effect on nature and the environment, they also leave their mark on us.  We would do well to notice and participate in acknowledging the effects and changes that accompanies each season.  Spring is just about here and those of us that live through cold winters can especially note the difference as this new juncture is being ushered in.

I’ve decide that for this Spring Equinox (March 20th -23rd) that I will challenge myself to practice what I’d like to have as my (consistent) daily routine.  We’ve all heard about spring cleaning, but spring cleaning is not just for your home and office, it’s also about you.  It is a time to de-clutter your mind, body, and spirit so that there is a space and a place for the newness to enter your internal domain. Some of you may remember receiving your dose of Castor oil or bitters from your mother or grandmothers at the change of seasons.  What I am about to share with you is an upgraded version of the Castor oil ritual.  In these times we’re living in (consuming inordinate amounts of chemicals), Castor oil alone won’t cut through the mustard.  We need to take it to the next level.

So this year I’m planning on a challenge for myself, nothing too over the top, but enough to have a shift in my consciousness and in my spirit.  I’d love you to join me in this 4 day practice.  This  is what it would entail:

  • 5-30 minutes of Nadi Shuddhi (alternate nostril breathing) a.k.a.  Skull Shining Breath
  • 10 Sun Salutations or a full yoga session (or you could do stretching, Tai Chi, or any meditative exercise that best suits you)
  • drink at least 4-6 glasses of water (8 may be too much for some of us)
  • two glasses of fresh squeezed, green, vegetable juice
  • have at least one serving of wheat grass juice (I’ll take mine diluted with H20, Thank you)
  • one hour of daily meditation (this could be two 30 minutes sessions – one in the morning and one in the evening)
  • eat only wholesome foods (preferably organic foods – no snacks, sweets, caffeine or alcohol)
  • have a large salad that includes liver cleansing vegetables like chicory and dandelion
  • abstain from all intake of dairy and flesh

If you don’t have a juicer or a wheat grass juicer, don’t be deterred.  Many health food stores and some gyms have a fresh juice bar and will make fresh juices upon request.   You can watch as your juice is being made and when you drink it right away, you will receive all the benefits (including a natural high) of the live enzymes.

There are those who take this to another level by fasting, taking enemas, colonics, abstinence from sex, and even days or times of silence.  Only you can decide what’s right for you and how far you want to take this observance.

Some say that the actual Equinox really lasts only two days.  Some say it’s only certain moments of these special days.  I’m committing to four days of this cleansing and I look forward to the lightness of body, mind, and spirit that will follow from these simple practices.  The Equinox and Solstices are perfect times of the year to remember that our bodies are our temples which house our mind, our spirit, our soul and the presence of the One that created the universe, heaven, earth and us.

Perhaps you have other practices that you do during this time and can share them with us.  Or maybe you have a wonderful fresh juice recipe that you can post here.  Feel free to do so.  And please consider joining me on this little quest.  That would be so great.  The more the merrier.

Happy Spring!

Nadi Shuddhi Video

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | March 3, 2010

Rosemary and Her Wonders

One thing that can cause me to completely lose track of time, is making natural hair and body products using essential oils, resins and balsams. There is such a wide range of nature’s oils, that blending these live substances is a mixture of art and science.  In addition to their healing powers, these oils (many of them classified as precious) possess the ability to affect your consciousness, to relax or stimulate or send you reeling down memory lane.  My heart and mind are transported when I inhale these earthly/spirit substances.  Their vapors range from the sublime to the bodacious.

The legendary Rosemary oil falls in the latter category. Its power is clear from the first sniff. In other words, a little goes a long way. The essence of this oil is strong and exhilarating, like inhaling a hit of electrified oxygen.  Thirty-plus years later, the Medicinal Hair Oil spiked with rosemary is still a big seller and my personal favorite that I use on my own hair and scalp.  After centuries, this legendary herb continues to grow in popularity.  Rosemary is antibacterial, antiviral, and an antiseptic having the ability to heal you from head to toe.

Medicinal Oil

Right from the start I was fascinated by rosemary’s ability to heal the scalp and grow and strengthen the hair. So I decided rosemary would have to be the primary essence in my first hair product, which is our ever-popular Medicinal Hair Oil.  This healing plant was exactly what I was looking for.

One way that I use Anu Essentials Medicinal Hair Oils: after shampooing and conditioning my hair I add the oil to my scalp and gently but firmly massage in the oil. This is when the scalp is most porous and relaxed from the warm water and the massage of the shampoo experience.  Now the pores are open and ready to receive the oil. You can take this experience to the next level by having a deep conditioning–steam treatment, which will cause the pores to further expand and the oils to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and follicles.

Rosemary works on several levels at once, providing the added advantage of stimulating the mind and increasing memory. That’s the great thing about the use of essential oils: instead of nasty side affects, you acquire additional benefits. I recently discovered, via firsthand experience, that rosemary oil also greatly reduces menstrual cramps.  Makes me think that rosemary was made with the care of women in mind.

If you’d like to strengthen your hair, get rid of dry, itchy, or flaking scalp, definitely check out Anu Essentials Medicinal Hair Oil. Not only will you heal your scalp and help grow your hair, you will have the extra benefit of stimulating your brain cells!  Get Smart, Get Anu Essentials Medicinal Hair Oil.

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Favorite Perfumers See Sales Zoom!

Two of my favorite perfumers Annick Goutal and Mandy Aftel see their sales climb even in this economy.

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