Posted by: Anu Prestonia | January 23, 2010

Know What’s Essential

Ask some folks if they prefer essential oils or fragrance oils and they have no idea what the difference is.  And often times nor do they care about the difference.  All they know is what smells good to them.  I can certainly understand that—knowing that smell and scent preferences & dislikes are very instinctive and individual choices. There’s also the fact that sense of smell is so deeply a part of us that it even plays strong roles in choices as complicated as choosing a mate and as basic as survival, e.g. “Don’t eat that, because it smells funny”…

In these days and times it seems that our sense of smell has been adulterated.  No longer can we count on what we smell to be actually what the name says it is; even if the name is something that comes from nature.  It could just as easily be a replica of something from nature—synthetic or “artificial”—just as there are artificial flavors added to foods to mimic real flavors (like vanillin instead of vanilla). We’ve all experienced the intimate biological relationship between sense of smell and sense of taste.  Today, you’ll see labels with scents like rose, pine, lemon or some other scent from nature and you’ll assume it’s the real thing.  You can no longer assume that: Artificial variants of the real thing abound, in this era of “all things natural”.

The fragrance or perfume industry is one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the world and growing bigger everyday.  And while the untrained nose may not be able to differentiate the real from the manufactured, your body knows the difference.  This is due to the fact that all essential oils come from plant materials and have medicinal properties that assist in healing.  This is one really big distinction between essential oils and fragrance oils.  Fragrance oils, while they smell good, they offer no therapeutic value.

Anything and everything you put on your body, scalp, and hair, seeps into your bloodstream and has an effect.   That aside, it still comes down to whether or not you like what you smell.  But I recommend that you become as aware of what you put on your body as what you put in your body.

That said—Khamit Kinks products have a new name and a new twist.  The first change is the name.  The new name is Anu Essentials and, as always, offers products that are scented with essential oils (oils from nature) and we also offer other products scented with fragrance (manufactured) oils.  In all cases, the ingredients are on the label state whether they are essential oil or fragrance oil based.

The good news is that more of our products are essential oil based.  The most recent products to get this upgrade are the Golden Blossom and Honey Suckle oils.  The Golden Blossom and Honey Suckle are now scented with essential oils only.  So along with the Medicinal and Herbal oils we now have four hair oils that are strictly essential oil based.  We also plan to upgrade some of our butters and soaps to essential oil based.  We will keep you abreast of these changes when they occur.  In all cases, our labels clearly state whether the product is essential oil based or fragrance oil based.

We have your best interest in mind and we continue to strive towards improving all that we have to offer you.  We hope that you will enjoy our truly new and improved products infused with essential oils to help you – Smell Good!Feel Good!Look Good!

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | December 22, 2009

Peppermint, a treat whether sweet or not

The Christmas season is a time when peppermint (candy) is ever popular.  When I was a little girl, as much as I liked candy, Christmas candy was my least favorite.  It reminded me of medicine, though without other choices, I’ll admit, I still ate it.  I now realize those Christmas candies were spiced with herbs like anise, fennel, ginger etc.  But the herbal candy that was always a treat was the abundant peppermint.  Many years passed before I learned that peppermint wasn’t a candy, but was actually a powerful and useful herb.

I’ll never forget back when I was in high school and totally ignorant about diet, healthy foods or herbs.  At the time my mother was being introduced to herbals teas and such and asked me if I’d like some peppermint tea.  My response was that I was not interested in tea that had peppermint added to it.  Boy, did I have it “bass ackwards”.

Peppermint is an awesome green leafy herb that grows profusely and has a great number of healing properties.   Although it’s classified as a stimulant it also has the dual ability to sooth you.   It’s used to treat indigestion, flatulence, respiratory problems, headache, nausea, fever, stomach and bowel spasms and pain.  Not to mention, peppermint oil keeps the mice away.

We’ve all used toothpaste and mouthwash laced with Peppermint oil.  This multi-purpose herb is an antiseptic and as such is very useful for dental care.  It removes bad breath and helps teeth and gums deal with germs.  Peppermint is also found in soaps, lotions, and many other beauty products.

Over the years I have used peppermint tea to aid in digestion and to just have a soothing and relaxing experience.  So during this season when the candy canes abound, be reminded that the real unadulterated herb (minus the sugar) can be taken to address any number of concerns, or sipped as a tea to both relax and invigorate you.

Have a cup of tea for me and tell me how has peppermint peppered your life?

Happy Holy days!

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | October 20, 2009

Do You Switch It Up?


Dear friend, it’s been some time since I weighed in on “our” exercise regime.  And what I’m wondering is, are there other folks out there like me, who need to switch it up?  I know that there are those who jog nearly every day of the year and others that go to the gym on a regular basis.  But I’ve noticed over the years, there’s just no one exercise program that I can ever stick to year in and year out.  I have to switch it up.

For instance, for most of the summer, when I could get my workout on, I did power walking in the park and yoga on alternate days.  When the weather is warm and beautiful, I just cannot be cooped up indoors working out at a gym or at home.  I have to be outdoors experiencing all that nature has to offer, the rays of the sun, the flowers and the trees in bloom and all that you take in from the great outdoors, without even realizing that you do.

But as soon as it starts getting cold, I’m the first one to scamper back indoors to get my exercise on.  Friends have told me that they marvel at the fact that I can workout at home.  They’ve mentioned that they need to be in an environment where others are working out, in order to feel motivated.  But when it’s cold outside, I love working out at home because it’s simple.  I just put on my gym gear, put the DVD in the player and do the darn thing.  I don’t have to pack a gym bag, get in the car and drive to the gym, praying for a parking space on the right side of the street (a NY thing).  I don’t have to then scurry back home to get ready for work.  And working out at night after work, is out of the question; you may as well expect me to climb Mount Everett.  So working out at home in the morning, before going to work, is just convenient and saves travel time.  Now if there were a descent gym in walking distance, that would be a great option.

And guys, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I never made it through the P90X, 90-day challenge.  I did my best and I left the rest (as they say over and over on the P90X dvd).  At this point getting through the 90-day challenge is no longer a goal of mine.  It was much more than my schedule or my body could handle.  I did try over and over, but I finally decided that perhaps this wasn’t the best way for me to do P90X.  It didn’t leave me enough time to fit my yoga in.  So now I’m back to what works for me, yoga one day, P90X the next and on and on like that.  It has to work for you or you’ll end up doing nothing.  And that’s not an option!

I have to say though that the P90X workout still amazes me.  I love it! What I love about it is besides the challenge, is the unbelievable variety of exercises.  There are 12 different DVDs in a box set, so you receive almost two weeks of different exercises targeting different muscle groups everyday.  What they refer to as muscle confusion.  This is really a first class workout.  And NO, I’m not getting paid a dime to endorse them.  I just think it’s a phenomenal program.  I’m never bored, instead I’m usually giving myself a peep talk, reminding myself, that I can do this.  In addition to this workout being quite challenging, it’s also a lot of fun. The instructor is a  hoot!  He never stops encouraging you, coaching you and telling weird but funny jokes.  And when you finally reach the end of that day’s workout, you’re so proud of yourself, that you actually made it through it again.  Not all the DVDs in the set are gangbusters.  Some of the DVDs have anaerobic exercises.  But it’s very wise to go at your own rate.  BTW, if you’re considering  P90X, start with some of their other programs, like P90, Slim or 10 Minute Trainer workouts.  These are less intense and prepare you for P90X.

Another plus regarding the P90X workout is that it’s so intense that it forces you to step up your nutritional intake (supplements and the like) and get adequate sleep.  You cannot stay up all hours of the night, eat junk and do this work out.  No way!

But enough of P90X and what I’m doing.  What are you doing these days to get your exercise on?  Or what do you do on a regular?  Do you keep to one form of exercise or do you switch it up depending on your mood, the season, or when you travel or what?   I’d like to know what folks are doing out there to keep their hearts in shape, get their adrenaline flowing, and limbs and muscles stretched?  Let me know, do you switch it up or is there that one thing that just does it for you? Let me know.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | October 16, 2009

Simple joy

There are some things that can cause you to smile and offer you a glimpse into the experience of pure joy.  And often, it’s the simple things that bring you joy.  If you’re not paying attention, you might miss the moment that delighted your heart.  I know these heart warmers can be very different for everyone, but here is a list of my favorites:

receiving a personal letter in the mail ( a very rare occurrence these days)

shelling my pistachios and then coming across those few that are already shelled – yummy

writing on beautiful stationary (like I did tonight)

Having a dear friend unexpectedly stop by for a visit (extremely rare)

having guest spend the weekend at our home

the right kind of music at the right time

a luscious kiss

inhaling intoxicating (essential oil) fragrances

a really good meal

an early morning drive

receiving unexpected money

realizing the beauty of sister love /girlfriend appreciation -having a BFF

connecting with the eyes of a baby /inhaling their sweet smell

experiencing serendipity in all its myriad forms

knowing you’re loved

wool socks

knowing you’ve accomplished a job/project very well done

Tell me some of your simple joy initiators.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | September 29, 2009

The Legs Are The Last To Go


On a little vacation with my sister friends this August I was in my glory just having hours of nothing to do but sit under an umbrella and read.  I love reading, that’s my idea of precious time.  I decided to check out Diahann Carroll’s book, “The Legs Are The Last To Go” Aging, Acting, Marrying and Other Things I Learned The Hard Way.   Honey, make no mistake Diahann Carroll is a bona-fide Diva, in every sense of the word.  And she make no qualms in telling you so.  I enjoyed her audaciousness, her decision to reveal herself warts and all; as well as to celebrate herself.

Diahann tells about her pivotal rise to fame growing up sheltered in a secure and upwardly mobile family in Harlem N.Y.  One of Diahann’s issues that she really focuses on is her revelation regarding her pattern with men.  She speaks plainly about being savvy when it came to her career, networking, moving up, living the high life.  She is  the consummate professional who is laser when it comes to her career.  She did her research, was always prepared etc.,  but when it came to men, she’d somehow loose her common sense, take out her blinders and proceed to attempt to deem her light as to not out shine her partners and to look the other way as they made life for her difficult and unbearable.  She traces this behavior back to the bewildering confusion she experienced due to a decision that her parents made when she was a wee-tot, that lead her to the unshakable feelings of abandonment.

Every woman has her reasons why she feels it’s necessary to become inauthentic to herself, just to stay in a relationship, to help a man feel secure, to keep the peace in a relationship, or avoid being alone or to hang on to this man you just have to have.  Whitney and Diahann aren’t the only ones!

Thank goodness despite our efforts, some times we are helped in these situations.  Either we come to our senses or are driven there to avoid going stock raving mad.  Some times we seek professional guidance, or our internal GPS just knows we’re on the wrong road and will help us to navigate back to self possession.  Other times guardian angels just rescue us.

Ms. Carroll, basically tells how it took her darn near to her seventies to finally get it, that she is whole, with or without a man.  Hot damn, at least she got it.  I highly recommend “The Legs Are The Last To Go“.  It’s a historical journey of a sister who remains at the top of her game in an industry that few African Americans of her generation have been able to navigate with the success and “ease” that Ms. Carroll has accomplished.  Say what you want about Ms. Carroll, she has my vote, warts and all!

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | September 29, 2009

The Flux of Autumn Love


One thing I’ve come to realize about myself is, how much I am affected by the seasons.   Am I stating the obvious?  I believe that some of us are much more affected by the change of season than others.  I first noticed the influence of the seasons on my moods in my first year of college, while attending Brockport University in upstate NY (8 hours north of the city).  The seasons were brilliantly different and so very extreme, colorful and magical.  At night the sky would seem to hang just above the treetops.  Most nights one could hardly see the sky it was so filled with stars.  It was as though  you could touch the sky and tug at the stars, if you just had a ladder.

I also lived in Miami for almost a year in the late ’70’s.  The fact that I actually missed the change of the seasons in Miami, floored me.  The same weather month in and month out, though nice and warm, got to be a bit boring.  The only changes were the torrential rains.

But I digress, my point is the impact of the changing seasons on my mood never ceases to amaze me; this is especially true of autumn.  The conflicting feelings that autumn evokes,  puts me in a state of emotional flux.

What I love about early autumn is the temperate nature of it not being too hot or too cold; kind of feeling just right.  Like all seasons, autumn is a great time to be in love.  You can go on long walks, go apple picking, or head out on a road trip to view the brilliant display of color of the fall foliage. It’s a great time to snuggle up and taste some exotic teas, take long baths or lay around and read a great book,  magazines or the Times or just “sleep in”.  And autumn always seems like a great time to get back get back to your art project(s).

I am also sadden by autumn, because there are those times when the wind whips up, the air gets damp and cool, and you’re reminded of the inevitable cold of late autumn and the winter that will proceed.  Not to mention that income/business always slows down in the fall.  The garden begins to dry up and the flowers look spent…

I’m remembering though, that being “Present” can help with those depressing thoughts.  I must remember that; to just be here with the here and now. Right now it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot.  It’s beautiful outside, I have some beautiful fall flowers in the garden, that autumn crispness is in the air and I’m gearing up for a road trip to see the colors on display.  Ahhh the wonders of fall…

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | September 18, 2009

Lost in Space

When did it get like this? that I don’t feel totally me with out my side-kick a.k.a. my iphone.   There used to be a time when I’d leave my house and if I had left my phone at home,  it was no biggie, I had a land-line at work.   But if I leave my cell home these day, there’s no doubt about the fact that I’m doubling back to  fetch it.  Forget American Express’s slogan about not leaving home with out it!  How about WON’T [knowingly] leave home with out my iphone.

So imagine my angst when yesterday, my cell became MIA;  it suddenly disappeared.  One moment I had it, was talking on it via my car speakers.  I ended the conversation, got out my car, walk into the salon, and when I was ready to leave about an hour later, was when I realized I no longer had my phone.  I retraced my steps and looked everywhere numerous times.  My guess is that it was in my lap and when I got out of the car it dropped from my lap to the ground and I just didn’t see or hear it.   Who the hell knows, all I know is that when I proceeded to try go run my other errands there was this strange force that drove me like a homing devise directly to the Apple store!

I had said to myself on the way to my first errand, “Oh it’ll show up, I’ll give it till Monday and then if it doesn’t show up, I’ll have to get another one.  This I’m thinking as I head straight to the Apple store.  I felt like a stone cold addict, out for my fix!  Crazy!

I met a women while waiting on line who told me the amazing story about how her phone was snatched from her by a gang of young boys while she was texting at the top of the train steps.  She is white and I wondered if the young boys were black and this was confirmed when she told me how she had the police drive her around the East New York, section of Brooklyn for two hours, looking for the culprits.

But this lady was no slouch.  She said she took off after them down the subway steps, hopped over the turn-stile just as they did, bolted onto the subway and pleaded with the conductor to shut the doors while she searched for them.  He refused.  She went on to say how amazed she was by the fact that no one stepped up to help her, everyone acted like, oh well, too bad, it’s not my problem.

She then went on a rant about how Apple is a rip off because it really wouldn’t cost them much to to track your phone if stolen or lost.  Apple does offer a service called Mobile Me (an application that will locate your phone) but all the culprit or lucky stiff has to do is remove the sim card and no tracking can be done. Though I’m told that many have located their phones using Mobile Me.

My beef as I thought about this is why does AT&T allow people to come in and buy new sim cards for a phone without verifying that the phone isn’t a lost or stolen device?  Well the reason they don’t, is because that means more business for the both of them, Apple and AT &T.  Why should they help you when if they don’t, you’ll have to purchase another unit and another person will have to purchase a new phone service agreement?  It’s about the Benjamins Baby!

When it was said and done, budget, patience, indignation went out the window and within an hour she had her new phone and  I had my new iphone.  Before hand,  I was really feeling lost in space; no phone, no music, no calendar, no text or email at my finger tips…  My saving grace was I was eligible for an upgrade, which allowed me to make the purchase for less than half of what it normally cost.  Otherwise the cost is stupid crazy.  No wonder these kids are snatching phones???  The game of capitalism plays itself out and the ugly side rears its ugly head.

What are your thoughts on all this?  Are you a technology junkie, hooked, can’t be without your iphone or crack berry for days at a time?  Would you hold out for three or four days and hope your devise somehow showed up?  Last famous words, let me know.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | September 9, 2009

Birkie Girl

As the summer closes, my days of free-toes are drawing to an end. One of the things I look forward to when the weather turns warm is busting out my many pairs of Birkenstock sandals. If you know anything about me, you know that I’m a happy feet kind of gal. And with my Birkenstocks on, my toes are free, my arch is supported and I’m as happy as can be, at least my feet are.

I started wearing Birkies about 15 years ago. At the time I was still doing hair and standing on my feet for hours everyday. It was a no-brainer to realize that I really needed something that could support not only my feet, but also my entire body. The external design of the Birkenstock shoe has come a long way since those days. Today they come in an array of colors, textures, finishes, and styles. I’ve seen Birkenstocks that were designed by Heidi Klum (you know the fashion model married to Seal) that were nearly $400.00. After all, her homeland is where the Birkenstock Company was founded. They were fancy with rhinestones and all, but still…

I graduated from Fashion Industries H.S. with the esteemed title of Best Dressed in my senior year book. Who’d have thunk it that I’d grow up to be a Birkenstock wearing kind of gal? I remember a new friend of my a few years ago referred to me as a “Granola”. And when I balked at this description, she informed me that since I wore Birkenstocks nearly everyday of the summer, I could not refute her claim. Oh well, life changes doesn’t it?

I have a collection of Birkie sandals, but it’s funny, because they’re all the same style called Gizeh, just in different colors and finishes. I have Giza’s that are silver, bronze, gold, black, red patent leather, sea form green, blue with painted flowers, pink with rhinestone studded buckles, pewter, and orange. The pewter ones I’ve had for over twelve years. This year I decided that no matter what, I could not, would not purchase another pair of Birkenstocks. After all, how many pairs of Birkenstocks are enough? Considering one can have their Birkies re-corked and the soul replaced over and over again, two pairs are the most anyone ever needs at one time. But some people aren’t aware of this. In fact most young people have never even stepped foot in a shoe repair store and haven’t a clue the purpose of one.

Case in point, I know a guys who is a multi- millionaire and he seemingly only owns one pair of Birkenstocks. They are so old and run down that the cork is literally non-existent, to the point that his Birkies look like they could grow mushrooms. They’re gross. But I believe he must have purchased them back in the 60’s or something and he’s fine with that.

Where am I going with all of this, well actually I just wanted to pay homage to a shoe that offers me so much comfort and doesn’t receive the kind of play from media it ought to. You never see Birkenstock featured on the runways, or in your fashion magazines or on the red carpet (except when Whoopie’s around). Now Whoopi’s a Birkenstock wearing kind-of-girl who make no apologies for her fashion choices. She wears her Birkies proud and I’m right there with her on that! These days you might see a fashionista with Birkies on, like the time I ran into Jacquette at the coop with her silver ones on. Shocking. But as the summer closes and my feet have to go back inside of closed-in shoes, it’s really an adjustment.

I must admit though, I did purchase some Crocks this summer to wear indoors. Since I don’t wear outdoors shoes in my home, I needed some supportive shoes for around the home. This is especially necessary when I standing on my feet for hours cooking up Body Butters and the like.

How about you, do you choose fashion over comfort? I don’t blame you if you do. I would if I could, but I can’t so I don’t…

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | July 16, 2009

The Prius and me

When the economic crisis start getting really fierce in the last quarter of 2008, was around the same time the lease was ending on my Infiniti FX a.k.a luxury gas-guzzler. Don’t get me wrong; I sincerely enjoyed driving that car. Still, I felt guilty for riding around in a car that required so much gasoline. At the height of the gas increases I was spending over $70 to fill up my gas tank, every 7-14 days. The Infiniti is esthetically cutting edge, luxuriously designed and technologically efficient. But the Prius features many of the same technological designs as the Infiniti, like back up camera, smart key, and GPS. All the more reason to go with a gas saver because driving the Infiniti made me feel in my own way, I was contributing to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…

It was now a definite, my next car would have to be a hybrid. My friends who owned Prius’s were all in love with their cars. People really raved about it. But when I saw the movie “Who Killed The Electric Car”, I wanted my electric car. I felt I had been cheated out of something very special that could have help save the environment. It was astounding to see how blatantly corrupt the car companies and the gasoline companies are. It’s clear they’re in bed together, which is why electric cars were taken off the road and destroyed.

Back to what is, and that is that the hybrid is the next best thing to riding a bike on going on foot. By the end of 2008 the dealership was calling me on a regular basis, wanting to know did I still want to purchase. Mind you, months earlier when I went in to put my name on the waiting list I was number 35 on the list. What had changed? Well first, there was the economic melt down of Wall Street and the economy and in addition to that, gas prices had plummeted. I zoomed to the top of the list of those waiting to get a Prius and therefore I was in the position to negotiate, which I took full advantage of.

When I picked my car up, I was in for a pleasant surprise; the dealer had filled the gas tank. So the first time I had to fill my car up, three weeks later, I gave the attendant my debit card and when the pump registered the grand total of $12.00, I was blown over. Twelve dollars?! “Hey I can pay that with cash straight from my wallet”! This was going to be nice. Half a year later and I am still enjoying my Prius. I gas up one and a half times a month. The car is able to fit in smaller parking spaces and it doesn’t use much gas. Though have you noticed? prices are steadily creeping up. I went from paying an average of $15.00 to fill up to now it’s over $28.00. Still it’s a far cry from the $70.00 madness of filling up the Infiniti.

I would recommend a Prius to anyone. It’s a great car and I have become a true believer and adorning fan like most Prius owners. Maybe one of these days I’ll be living a life where I can travel primarily by bicycle. In the meantime, I love my Prius.

Posted by: Anu Prestonia | June 23, 2009

Half Way There

A number of months ago I wrote a blog post commiserating about my seemingly overnight weight gain. I was determined to combat this weight gain as it crept steadily up from one week to the next. At one point it got to be a bit hilarious, as I would step on the scale only to see that yes, I had indeed gained another pound. Is Candid Camera in the house? I had never been over 145 and now I was nearing 160 with no slow down in sight. What the heck???

My friend Mireille suggested that I visit her doctor, Homeopath Dr. Salzarulo. Well that began a journey and an exploration that I hadn’t expected. What doctor Salzarulo’s plan for me made me realize, was that I had moved so far away from my original “clean” diet that it was no wonder that things were changing for the worse. I asked him, “Is it normal to gain weight in mid-life, during peri-menopause stage in life”? His answer was that if gaining weight during this stage in life were universal, then he could say yes. But in many places in the world this mid-life weight gain does not occur. He informed me that it was a matter of the body being very much out of balance, full of toxins and adjusting in the way that it could.

So here is some of what I had to eliminate from my diet, wheat (which many people are allergic to due to over consumption and like corn it’s in most processed food), sugar, including all alcohol, fruit juices, dried fruit, cheese, shell-fish and anything with cow’s milk. Thank goodness I can still have goat’s milk (its composition is closer to human milk) because I love yogurt as a quickie breakfast fix. Most processed (white, bleached food) bread, gluten, and corn and potatoes (that included my favorite, potato chips) and soy, believe it or not. I hadn’t realized how much cheese I had started consuming or sugar for that matter, a glass of wine here a glass of wine there… It all adds up!

What is allowed on this anti-inflammatory diet are most fruits, vegetables (except nightshades) whole grains (except the ones that are glutenous), fish and free range or organic meats.

I recently checked in with Dr. Salzarulo and since March, I have made many adjustments to my diet. I’ll tell you straight, it hasn’t been easy to refrain from all of the above each and everyday but I gave it the ole Girl Scout try. I have lost eleven pounds and I have about that much more to go to reach my target. My cloths are fitting me much better now and I feel better. I was shocked at how the pain of my monthly cycles decreased considerably.

Now he wants me to take it to the next level, which means cleansing in a myriad number of ways. First thing is green juice every day, half my weight in ounces of water consumed daily, body brushing before bathing, three baths a week to sweat and release toxins, of course exercise and if I could fit it in, jumping on a trampoline twenty minutes a day to help cleanse the lymph system. Whew! And that’s not all of it.

What is amazing to me is how we, resist what’s best for us on subtle levels. Like one of his requirements is that you write down everything you eat each day. I hated that! After two weeks of that, it became old, real fast. Enough already. But his theory is that it makes you present to what you’re consuming.

All this to say, I am headed in the direction I wanted to go in, but like with anything worth having it hasn’t been a breeze. But it has given me insight into things like discipline, perseverance, commitment, and rewards that can follow. I must admit, I am grateful for this experience as it has allowed me to see the course that I was on was not just something that was happening to me. Is that ever the case? I think not. Our choices determine our lives. I’m choosing to be at a weight that helps me feel in touch with my center. Let me know how you’re feeling.

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