Posted by: Anu Prestonia | April 9, 2009

Bath time

When was the last time you took a bath? Yes, I know you bathe everyday, but I’m referring to actually sitting down in a tub of water, with bubbles, and candles and just relaxing. I use to have a weekly ritual of taking a bath every Sunday. That was one way to ensure I took a bath at least once a week.

Growing up in Virginia we didn’t have showers, only bathtubs. When as a child, my family relocated to NY and landed an apartment in a beautiful pre-war building, I was taken by the bathroom. Not only did we have a tub, we also had a stand-alone floor to ceiling, art deco tiled, shower stall. I never wanted to take a bath after that. But of course my mother would insist we take baths from time to time.

As an adult I definitely realized the value in taking a bath, but I had an experience that caused me fall off my weekly ritual. I had some work done in my house a few years ago. One bathroom had a shower stall and the other had no shower at all, just a tub. Well for some unknown reason, my contractor took a year to return and finish the bathroom with the shower. So for a year, I had to take a bath every single time I needed to bathe.

You have no idea what it’s like to take a bath every single day unless you just love doing that. The first thing I noticed was that taking a bath really slows you down. No matter how much of a rush you’re in, sitting in that warm water just causes you to slow your roll, to relax, to linger a bit. I would get so pissed with myself, because I needed to get going, but it was a cause to pause. I tried every approach to try to get my contractor over. I got angry, that didn’t work. I tried being sweet; no go. I even lied claiming I had an infection from too many baths; he didn’t budge. I gave up and tried to be patient. He still didn’t show up until he was good and ready.

Why did I put up with his absenteeism instead of just hiring someone else? Well my contractor’s work is awesome and his prices so affordable, that it boggles the mind. So that’s the pay off, you have to wait until he gets around to it. It’s either time or money…

Anyway, I didn’t take a bath for a long time after that. Now I mostly take baths only when I’ve strained a muscle or I’m just too exhausted to even stand up in a shower. But that’s not how it should be. Bathing in a tub, as we all know, is a chance to unwind, to luxuriate, and pamper ourselves. I’m going to get back to sitting in the tub on a regular. Although, I’ve recently noticed, that I receive some great light-bulb moments while showering. What about you?



  1. Greetings, Taking a bath is definetly a way to “slow your roll” as a friend says. I also take a relaxing, healing, epsom salt-mandated bath when I am experiencing sore muscles from a work out.I try to take a bath once a week- but always once a month since I take one with the Full Moon. I have no hard evidence on this, but I do believe women should try to fit baths into their schedules because there is something to be said about our bodies being 65% water and the need to balance ourselves out every now and then. Baths are also known to increase circulation. So take a bath and don’t forget to add some wonderful oils.

  2. You know, taking a bath is truely a luxury, kind of like a day at the spa on the homefront minus the extra pair of hands to administer a heavenly massage or body scrub. Like many sisters, I tend to take baths to sooth my weary body after an agressive workout or a long work day. More often than not, time contraints interrupt the plan. Another challenge presented is the size of my tub. When I have to decide whether its knees in or neck out, I just take a long steamy hot shower.

  3. Bath? My experience was just the opposite of Anu’s. I grew up taking baths and when I moved into an apartment with a shower, that ended my bath taking days. I thought, I had graduated to the big time (little did I know). You ladies are on the right track. I was healthier, happier and probably cleaner when I was submerged under water. I’m making a pledge today, to returned to my old friend, the bath.

  4. Oh, regularly honey! Don’t make it every day like Oprah, but sometimes I’ll climb in the tub at night with a book. Usually this works, but I recently ruined a good book by dropping it in the water. Too sleepy! BTW, it was a book by Percival Everett, one of my favorite authors, titled: “A History of the African American People (As Proposed by Strom Thurmond)” It’s an epistolary novel and weird, hilarious and sadly, all too true. Not for everyone, but if you’re strange like me, you’ll like it…

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