Smell Good! Feel Good! Look Good!

Hello, my name is Anu Prestonia and I am the founder and owner of Khamit Kinks natural hair care salon located in Brooklyn, NY.  Working in the natural hair industry has been an amazing journey that has sparked my interest in other things natural that promote both health and beauty.  The name Anu Essentials is born out of my love and respect for the healing powers and seductive scents of essential oils, resins and balsams.  The truth is that Essential oils heal the body, comfort the mind and delight the senses.  As such,  many of my products are infused with essential oils.

I also receive a great deal of pleasure from helping women feel and look beautiful. Consequently, I have always had an interest in health and how we can empower ourselves regarding self-healing.  I am not a professional health provider or doctor. I have just always believed in the incredible power we all possess to influence our own health and well being. We’re all aware that true beauty comes from within and I believe that on some level health and beauty are inextricably connected.  I am a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and marvel at this ancient form of self-care.  I am strengthened each day that I am able to immerse myself in meditation, prayer, yoga, and exercise.  Some days it’s easy and other times it’s a challenge to put one’s self on the long “to do” list.  But I believe we must take care of ourselves in order to bring our best to the table and have the strength to take care of others.

I love my sisters, my sister friends and I thrive because of sisterhood. Women inspire me. My mission is to continue to inspire them and give them the best of what the universe has given me.

Please join us in this dialogue of healing, love, and sisterhood.



  1. Dear:

    found this lovely missive when I returned to this email address that I no longer used in search of an old document! I do receive emails as the yahoo address that I currently use but now know why they have been inconsistent.

    I would hate to have missed this lovely panoramic view, the sweet sentiment and the update on the perpetual phenom oils and butters for which you are legend.

    Thank you for increasing the essential oil-based elixirs for hair and the new packaging is lovely!

    You are always on the cutting edge of all that is best for body and mind!

    Thank you!


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