Posted by: Anu Prestonia | June 8, 2010

Honeysuckle is in Bloom

Today as a gentle wind blew, I was pleasantly visited by the seductive scent of the honeysuckle vine blooming in my garden.  What a treat!  I stopped dead in my tracks to truly experience the moment.  I took in a few long, deep breaths of this lovely scent.  The gifts from nature never cease to amaze me in their beauty and their giving…

So it’s honeysuckle season and while the actual honeysuckle flower’s essence cannot be harvested, the Anu Essentials Honey Suckle Hair Oil is very reminiscent of this soothing scent.  Using botanicals (roots, leaves, barks, berries, flowers)  such as Peru Balsam and Ylang Ylang I make my attempt to emulate one of nature’s delights for your enjoyment.  So this is a perfect time to moisturize your hair with Anu Essentials Honey Suckle Hair Oil, keeping you in tune and in step with nature’s blooms.



  1. Hi, I love your body balm, that I got at Enfleurage NYC. Do you have any other stores or online sales points? Love the stuff. Posted on Facebook about it.

    • Dear Luccia,
      You certainly put a smile on my face. Thank you for that! I do sell my products on line a Khamit Kinks, but will soon be launching the Anu Essentials website; hopefully by month’s end.

      BTW, looked for you FB, couldn’t find you. Please send me a link.


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