Posted by: Anu Prestonia | October 16, 2009

Simple joy

There are some things that can cause you to smile and offer you a glimpse into the experience of pure joy.  And often, it’s the simple things that bring you joy.  If you’re not paying attention, you might miss the moment that delighted your heart.  I know these heart warmers can be very different for everyone, but here is a list of my favorites:

receiving a personal letter in the mail ( a very rare occurrence these days)

shelling my pistachios and then coming across those few that are already shelled – yummy

writing on beautiful stationary (like I did tonight)

Having a dear friend unexpectedly stop by for a visit (extremely rare)

having guest spend the weekend at our home

the right kind of music at the right time

a luscious kiss

inhaling intoxicating (essential oil) fragrances

a really good meal

an early morning drive

receiving unexpected money

realizing the beauty of sister love /girlfriend appreciation -having a BFF

connecting with the eyes of a baby /inhaling their sweet smell

experiencing serendipity in all its myriad forms

knowing you’re loved

wool socks

knowing you’ve accomplished a job/project very well done

Tell me some of your simple joy initiators.


  1. Reading a good book where you live the story
    A good laugh

  2. Knowing I have left someone inspired and feeling good about themselves.

    • There’s no better feeling than that one!

  3. Finding something I thought I lost years ago (like money, jewelry or an old boyfriend:)

  4. Being in your company.

  5. laughing out loud at the wonderful things three grandsons 1-5 would do or say.
    life is wonderful

  6. not going to work everyday

    a healthy life

    beautiful flowers

    admiring photograhs that evoke pleasant memories of loved who have passed on

    reconnecting with old friends

  7. wow i did not know u were all over the place but i can speak to joy!
    trees,big ole trees, sweet lil trees, just trees
    drivin early in the mornin when the road is mine!
    the breeze on my skin, lightly touchin my hair!
    watching my children practice being adults – what a miracle!
    thank you for my breth of fresh air!

    • Oh my goodness of all the peeps in the world, never did I imagine, JJ posting a reply to a blog. Go on Joan! I too love trees. They remind me of spirits. And Thank you for posting on my blog. Love Ya!

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