Posted by: Anu Prestonia | September 29, 2009

The Flux of Autumn Love


One thing I’ve come to realize about myself is, how much I am affected by the seasons.   Am I stating the obvious?  I believe that some of us are much more affected by the change of season than others.  I first noticed the influence of the seasons on my moods in my first year of college, while attending Brockport University in upstate NY (8 hours north of the city).  The seasons were brilliantly different and so very extreme, colorful and magical.  At night the sky would seem to hang just above the treetops.  Most nights one could hardly see the sky it was so filled with stars.  It was as though  you could touch the sky and tug at the stars, if you just had a ladder.

I also lived in Miami for almost a year in the late ’70’s.  The fact that I actually missed the change of the seasons in Miami, floored me.  The same weather month in and month out, though nice and warm, got to be a bit boring.  The only changes were the torrential rains.

But I digress, my point is the impact of the changing seasons on my mood never ceases to amaze me; this is especially true of autumn.  The conflicting feelings that autumn evokes,  puts me in a state of emotional flux.

What I love about early autumn is the temperate nature of it not being too hot or too cold; kind of feeling just right.  Like all seasons, autumn is a great time to be in love.  You can go on long walks, go apple picking, or head out on a road trip to view the brilliant display of color of the fall foliage. It’s a great time to snuggle up and taste some exotic teas, take long baths or lay around and read a great book,  magazines or the Times or just “sleep in”.  And autumn always seems like a great time to get back get back to your art project(s).

I am also sadden by autumn, because there are those times when the wind whips up, the air gets damp and cool, and you’re reminded of the inevitable cold of late autumn and the winter that will proceed.  Not to mention that income/business always slows down in the fall.  The garden begins to dry up and the flowers look spent…

I’m remembering though, that being “Present” can help with those depressing thoughts.  I must remember that; to just be here with the here and now. Right now it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot.  It’s beautiful outside, I have some beautiful fall flowers in the garden, that autumn crispness is in the air and I’m gearing up for a road trip to see the colors on display.  Ahhh the wonders of fall…


  1. Anu, What a wonderful piece, thanks for sharing!

    Autumn, like all the seasons has it’s magic for me too! Their was a time when I didn’t appreciate the fall or winter much. Now, I eagerly await them both and enjoy an array of in/outdoor activities they bring. I feel especially charged during early september, for me business picks up and I live for the energy of both the city and the country life. It’s truly a blessing to experience all four seasons as I enjoy fall. I look forward to that first big snow fall that follows Autumn which brings calmness to the city. My family often tease that I’m the cause of the big snow storms in CT (it usually snows when I arrive–lol). But for now as I gear up for weekend nature hikes with family and friends, small town festivals, gallery hopping in the city, long afternoon drives through the winding roads up north and yes apple picking, I embrace time as it greets me. Somedays, a simple hot cup of tea or cider, a warm bubble bath, the natural light through my window and jazz music sets the mood for (what I refer to as “My Butterfly Sunday’s”) the day!

    I have friends of my family who recently brought a home in a beautiful town called Milford which is about an 2 hour drive from the city. I’ve fallin’ in love with this place (it’s very cozy). This town includes an artist community, cool art galleries, family own businesses, restaurants and warm friendly residents. I can’t wait to visit once again during the fall season. You might like it too!

    Autumn is in deed lovable for sure!

    • Wow Sheila,
      Thank you for taking me on a journey. You mentioned so many cool autumn doings. Yes, Milford sounds delightful…

  2. I agree with you about the seasonal changes within us. I live in an area that can be 75 one minute and the next we can be found grabbing our snow boots! Autumn is my favorite season because the weather is perfect and the colors are brilliantly vibrant. When winter does hit you and it’s dreary and gray, make your insides (physically and metaphorically) vibrant.

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