Posted by: Anu Prestonia | September 18, 2009

Lost in Space

When did it get like this? that I don’t feel totally me with out my side-kick a.k.a. my iphone.   There used to be a time when I’d leave my house and if I had left my phone at home,  it was no biggie, I had a land-line at work.   But if I leave my cell home these day, there’s no doubt about the fact that I’m doubling back to  fetch it.  Forget American Express’s slogan about not leaving home with out it!  How about WON’T [knowingly] leave home with out my iphone.

So imagine my angst when yesterday, my cell became MIA;  it suddenly disappeared.  One moment I had it, was talking on it via my car speakers.  I ended the conversation, got out my car, walk into the salon, and when I was ready to leave about an hour later, was when I realized I no longer had my phone.  I retraced my steps and looked everywhere numerous times.  My guess is that it was in my lap and when I got out of the car it dropped from my lap to the ground and I just didn’t see or hear it.   Who the hell knows, all I know is that when I proceeded to try go run my other errands there was this strange force that drove me like a homing devise directly to the Apple store!

I had said to myself on the way to my first errand, “Oh it’ll show up, I’ll give it till Monday and then if it doesn’t show up, I’ll have to get another one.  This I’m thinking as I head straight to the Apple store.  I felt like a stone cold addict, out for my fix!  Crazy!

I met a women while waiting on line who told me the amazing story about how her phone was snatched from her by a gang of young boys while she was texting at the top of the train steps.  She is white and I wondered if the young boys were black and this was confirmed when she told me how she had the police drive her around the East New York, section of Brooklyn for two hours, looking for the culprits.

But this lady was no slouch.  She said she took off after them down the subway steps, hopped over the turn-stile just as they did, bolted onto the subway and pleaded with the conductor to shut the doors while she searched for them.  He refused.  She went on to say how amazed she was by the fact that no one stepped up to help her, everyone acted like, oh well, too bad, it’s not my problem.

She then went on a rant about how Apple is a rip off because it really wouldn’t cost them much to to track your phone if stolen or lost.  Apple does offer a service called Mobile Me (an application that will locate your phone) but all the culprit or lucky stiff has to do is remove the sim card and no tracking can be done. Though I’m told that many have located their phones using Mobile Me.

My beef as I thought about this is why does AT&T allow people to come in and buy new sim cards for a phone without verifying that the phone isn’t a lost or stolen device?  Well the reason they don’t, is because that means more business for the both of them, Apple and AT &T.  Why should they help you when if they don’t, you’ll have to purchase another unit and another person will have to purchase a new phone service agreement?  It’s about the Benjamins Baby!

When it was said and done, budget, patience, indignation went out the window and within an hour she had her new phone and  I had my new iphone.  Before hand,  I was really feeling lost in space; no phone, no music, no calendar, no text or email at my finger tips…  My saving grace was I was eligible for an upgrade, which allowed me to make the purchase for less than half of what it normally cost.  Otherwise the cost is stupid crazy.  No wonder these kids are snatching phones???  The game of capitalism plays itself out and the ugly side rears its ugly head.

What are your thoughts on all this?  Are you a technology junkie, hooked, can’t be without your iphone or crack berry for days at a time?  Would you hold out for three or four days and hope your devise somehow showed up?  Last famous words, let me know.


  1. As I got out of my car next to a gutter grate, several cell phones ago, I did in-fact find myself without a mobile phone. After a bout of cussing and finally realizing that the phone was gone to goodness, I just chalked it off to carelessness and immediately called AT&T who informed me that I was close enough to the end of my contract to get a new phone. Since it was a Saturday and I wasn’t hip to the “crackberry” that I currently have, I relaxed and headed to AT&T on the following Monday and got my new phone.

    I must admit though, on a few occasions I thought I’d lost my Blackberry and had to immediately take my handy Rescue Remedy to get my heart rate and breath regulated! It’s no joke losing your calendar and notes that our handy smart phones hold.

    • That’s exactly what I needed, some Rescue Remedy!

  2. We are now, by-and-large, a wired society. Our gadgets have become extensions of ourselves. Though I resisted the smartphone for as long as possible, I finally relented and got the Android G1. It is, at this point, an essential tool for me as a freelancer. I would be VERY displeased if it were lost or stolen.

    I am trying, however, to maintain some sense of decorum with the thing. As wonderful as these devices are on one hand, they have created a culture of rudeness on the other.

    • Rudeness and things far more gruesome as accidents small and large escalate…

  3. Another casualty of Mercury being in retrograde. Hope you return to mobility soon.

  4. Hi Anu,
    Just checking out the new blog. Will read Lost in Space and comment later.
    peace and blessings,

  5. My my my, I must admit that I am a junkie up to a certain point. When I lost my phone I waited for over a week to get a new one, so I am not that hooked on a phone but if it were my crack-top …… I don’t think there is a remedy for that.

  6. Anu
    I’m still in the dark ages, haven’t graduated to IPhones and crackberries yet. Don’t let me leave my cell phone at homethough, I will turn aound and be late for my appointment. Hope you had all your information on hard copy.Good luck. Trying to see you on Sunday.

    • There is some reprieve for staying in the dark ages. Enjoy as long as you can.

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