Posted by: Anu Prestonia | February 16, 2009

Sisters Create Love

On February 13th in honor of Valentine’s Day and in hopes of bringing understanding to the love thing, we had a small forum at Khamit Kinks around the idea of “Bringing Back Black Love”. Some times we called it Bringing Black Love Back! Anyway, I’m sure you get the idea. We had Love Dr. Karen Francis, bring her expertise on the matter to the floor. Karen has done a body of research on relationships, self-development and human behavior. She shared many insights and gave us some great advice, and it was obvious a great was had by all.

Usually after the main event, folks just book. But not at this event. What I enjoyed and what impressed me the most was the kinship and love I felt in our space when it was all said and done. Long after Karen finished her presentation, Sisters stood around in little groups of 5 and 6 and exchanged stories, gave insight, laughed and commiserated and it was beautiful! It truly touched my heart and I went home on a high from the experience. Yes, we had Champagne and Wine, but all I had to drink was Martinelli’s, so my high, was a natural high from Sister Love and bonding.

Many commented that there just wasn’t enough time to drill down deep. So stayed tuned for part 2. We’re going to see how we can continue to offer a space for learning, healing, growth, and the power of true love – love of self that attracts the right circumstances and the right mate.



  1. I actually attended and the affinity was awesome. It touched me temendously. It is rare that we allow ourselves to be transparent. I met a variety of interesting ladies and have even been in contact. It was a great event. Looking forward to part 2!

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