Posted by: Anu Prestonia | January 29, 2009

Have Fun Improving Your Memory

Posit Science is a cutting edge company that’s dramatically changing lives with their software programs that improve memory. I first heard of Posit Science when it was first featured on a fund drive for WBAI. I immediately called up and pledged to receive a discount on Posit Science. See, I knew I needed something because I was constantly looking for my keys, my glasses, trying to remember the name of the person I just met two minutes ago! Some times I would even forget where I parked my car! Now that’s pretty bad.

Some say that it’s not that our memories are fading, it’s that we’re doing too many things at one time. We’re doing one thing while thinking about five other things. The light has been shed on multi-tasking and it’s no longer touted as something to be proud of. However, most of us are still multi-tasking despite the downside of this way of functioning. We’re driving while talking on our cell, composing an email while taking on the phone. These are not good habits for memory, because you’re not totally present in any one task.

The other reason for memory loss is that like any muscle the brain requires exercising. When I began using my Posit Science the first thing I realized is that you cannot do anything else while on the Posit Science program, it requires 100% focused attention. Let your mind wander off somewhere else for just a second and your scores will reflect this. But it’s not a competition. It’s about keen listening. And it’s really a lot of fun. So if you’ve been wondering how you can improve your memory, check out Posit Science. It is a great and fun way to improve memory at any age. Of course it’s not cheap, but what is your brainpower worth? Check it out, if not for yourself, perhaps for a loved one.


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